Best Strollers / Prams In 2015 – 2016 – A Buying Guide

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Buying a stroller doesn’t need to be an overly complicated task, but usually is because of the amount of options we have.  The price range alone is huge, you can find prams and buggies from £50 all the way to £600 and well beyond £1000 for the bigger brands and higher end models.

My name is Victoria or Vicky as I am also known as and I am a mother of two. I have been there where confusion takes over along with a sense of being overwhelmed. With so many options around, it can be difficult to know which is the best for you. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself or certainly consider;

How do you usually travel?

If it is by can then you will want one which folds into a compact size so you can put it in your boot. Remember if the folded size is still quite large but can fit into your boot, then you will not have much space to store anything else (such as shopping).

Do you mostly walk on public paths or do a lot of off-road, country road walking?

If you do stick to public pavements and mostly flat surfaces then your general tyres should be fine. If, on the other hand, you are doing some country walking or walking on rough terrain then you will need to look close at the type of tyres you are getting. They need to be hard wearing and have suspension so your baby or toddler doesn’t feel uncomfortable or get travel sick from all the shaking and bouncing.

How Old Is Your Little One?

The age of your child will be a very important factor when considering a pushchair, pram or buggy. New born babies will need to have a certain type of seating/lying where toddlers would prefer to sit and see as opposed to lying down.

Do you do a lot of shopping on foot?

If you do most of your shopping on foot then it would be a good idea to look at pushchairs with a basket or a large storage unit under the chair so your shopping can fit perfect and keep balance on the pushchair instead of hanging bags on the handle because, if the bags are heavy you can lose the balance of the pushchair.

Front Facing Or Facing You

You can buy prams with your baby facing forwards in the direction of travel which some people prefer as it gives the baby the “front seat” in their journey so to absorb the world outside of the home. For some parents this may not be ideal as you will not be used to not seeing your baby.

You can also buy them having your baby facing you so you are in constant communication and eye contact with them. It is really a matter of personal preference.

Nowadays you can actually get prams / push chairs where you have the option for you baby to face you or face forwards. So during the first few months you can have your baby facing you and gradually adjust the pram to face forwards. These are adjustable and perfect for having the best of both worlds.

Folding Down

Most, if not all, push chairs today will be fold-able. So you can folding it down when at home or when getting on a bus or putting into the boot of your car.

This feature is absolutely essential and the better quality prams will make the process of folding it down and propping it back up very easy.


While the weight may not be so much of an issue when pushing it with your baby on the wheels, it will be an issue when you have to lift it to put it in your car or just lifting it to fold and put it away at home.

Try and keep the weight to a minimum and keep at eye out for it as it will be handy.

Rain Cover

Having a pushchair is a way to enable you to take your child outdoors safely. Here in the UK, unfortunately it rains more than it shines so we should be prepared for it. Some pushchairs come with an inclusive rain cover, others will not – so its always worth checking to make sure this is included otherwise you will end up having to buy one as an extra.

Travel Systems

Travel systems are a very good choice as they usually come with an included and detachable car seat. This is good value for money. Some pushchairs offer travel system compatibility giving you the choice of which car seat you would like to attach to the pushchair – as long as it is possible to attach the car seat.

The huge benefit of the travel system besides convenience for you as the parent is for the child which can be transferred from the car seat to the pushchair without having to disturb or disrupt their sleep.


Strollers are the next stage from a pushchair for when your baby becomes a toddler. Strollers, compared to pushchairs are smaller in physical size and lighter in weight. They fold into a smaller profile because of the nature of their construction. They fold side ways as well as long ways.

You can get some strollers which are suitable from birth and would substitute a pushchair but most strollers are suitable for toddlers over the age of six months.

Being lightweight and folding away to a small size, strollers are ideal when travelling, or going away as they are very easy to manage.

Twins Or 2 Toddlers? Double Or Tandem

Twin pushchairs are side by side, and a tandem is one in front of the other. Both are good options but some things to consider when buying these are;

  • Are they fold-able?
  • Are the individual seats reclining? In case the baby wants to sleep?
  • What are the overall dimensions?
  • What is the weight?
  • Does it have a shopping basket?
  • Is there a car seat included?


Best Pushchairs & Prams From Birth – What To Look For.

Here are some things to consider and look for when buying a pushchair for your new born baby;

  • This one may seem obvious and apologies for it, but please ensure that the specifications say the the pushchair is suitable for new born babies
  • Reclining features – how many point does the recline go up to?
  • Does it have a rain cover?
  • Does it have a sun shade?
  • Does it have a foot muff?
  • What is the build quality like? Is it a reputable manufacturer? I would always suggest to go with a name brand with good reviews.
  • Is it fold-able? What sort of size does it fold down to? Will it easily fit into a car boot? Or a suitcase (for holidays)?
  • What is the weight?

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