Best Buggy For Newborn – Top 3 In 2015

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Sketch Lightweight, From birth, Reversible seat, Adjustable handle height Mid-Range Lowest Price Here!

Monty Car seat included, From birth, Head hugger, Crotch pad, 5 Year guarantee Affordable Lowest Price Here!

iSafe Visual 3 From birth, Lightweight, Media viewer – tablet pocket, Reclining seat Affordable Lowest Price Here!

Best Buggy For Newborns – The Top 3 Of 2015 – 2016

As explained in the best pushchair from birth post, babies and especially newborn babies need to lie flat almost all the time when they are not being fed, burped, bathed or played with.

Lying the baby flat helps develop and align the spine of the baby as well as helping them to breathe easier and more naturally. Sitting the baby upright for a prolonged period of time will cause the baby to struggle when breathing as it is not a natural position for them.

So when shopping for a buggy for newborns, be sure to check that it goes almost to a flat position. I am of the opinion that if there is a slight angle or very slight curve, this is fine as you will find reclining pushchairs which will serve all the way until the baby is around 3 years old.

A pushchair from birth should almost definitely have the baby facing you or at least the option where you can rotate the seating/cot area to have the child face-to-face with you.

It is shown scientifically that babies, especially newborns with constant eye-contact with their parent as well as constant communication.

You are more likely to talk to your baby (even if they’re not at the stage where they can talk or respond back) when you are facing them as opposed to if you were facing away.

Having the baby facing you while you maintain not only communication but also eye contact reassures them and develops them to be more and more social. Talking to your baby as your travel stimulates the social awareness of the baby. By nature babies are social and so being in communication with them keeps them this way.

Keeping eye contact with your baby helps them feel more safe and secure feeling reassured.

Here Are The Top 3 Best Buggies For Newborns

Baby Elegance Sketch Review – Number 1

Best Buggy For NewbornsThe Sketch by Baby Elegance (lowest price here!) is a very well built pushchair / buggy which is comfortable for your baby and very light and easy to use for the parent. Here are some of the reasons why The Sketch is our number one best buggy for newborns;

  • Extremely light in weight, at just 6.2kg; The Sketch is easy to push around town, easy to manoeuvre and very easy and effortless to fold and carry around
  • Facing the parent for the early stages for when the baby is still a newborn so you can keep in constant communication and keep the little one stimulated. When the child is a little older at the toddler stage, simply turn the seat around so they are facing forwards to take in all the world has to offer – a great feature!
  • Suitable from birth up to around age 3
  • Steerable front wheels to give you maximum control and handling
  • Foot operated parking break
  • A multi position handle to find the best position for you without causing you any strain
  • Rear suspension to alleviate shocks to you and your child
  • A spacious shopping compartment under the seat to carry your essentials with you
  • Adjustable hood to keep your child from getting wet in the rain or too warm in the sun
  • Removable head hugger included so when your baby is a little older, they can still use the buggy quite comfortably
  • Bumper bar to protect your child from any mis-haps
  • Zipped foot cover to keep your child cosy


The Sketch is our number one because it is a very simple, yet very high quality pushchair. It has some great features like the rear suspension, the ability to have the baby facing you or facing forwards which is a great plus! A large comfortable seat with removable head hugger and a hood to make the pushchair weather-proof.

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Obaby Monty Travel System Review – Number 2

Obaby Monty Travel SystemAn all in one travel system including a car seat, The Monty from Obaby comes in at a reasonable price for the package. The pushchair itself is made of decent quality but does come in second to The Sketch when compared side by side. The Sketch seems to feel more robust and heavy duty. Thats not to say that by any means is The Monty a cheap product, it is good value for what it is – here are the features and benefits;

  • Head hugger, shoulder pads and crotch pads for stroller as well as a car seat all included in one big bundle as a complete solution for your baby
  • Easily reversible front facing as well as parent facing – a very good feature!
  • Rain cover included to weather proof your stroller and keep your child dry
  • Car seat extremely easy to detach and attach so you can move your baby from the car to the pushchair and vice versa without disturbing their peaceful sleep
  • Suitable from birth to around 2 years old, possibly 3 depending on the size and weight of the child
  • Fully reclined to a flat position, very important for newborns
  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee within the UK for further piece of mind
  • Large shopping basket, spacious enough to carry a good amount of shopping as well as the baby essentials
  • Flat folding stroller for easy storage
  • Foot enabled locking mechanism for front wheels


While the quality of build on The Monty may not be as good as some of the other premium brands, it is in no way a poor quality product at all. The Monty is a generally decent level of build, it has a strong chassis and able to carry a weight of upto 13kg – which is more than adequate for your baby – toddler.

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iSafe Visual 3 Review – Number 3

iSafe Visual 3The Visual 3 by iSafe is an interesting stroller. It was one that I have been debating whether to include in my review purely because it doesn’t have a feature where the baby is able to face the parent. However, the interesting thing it does have is a media viewing pocket where you insert your tablet, and play a video which would keep the child entertained and stimulated. Would this be as effective as if the baby was facing the parent? That is a question best left to scientists to answer.

My opinion is a good learning video maybe able to enhance a growing baby’s intellect just as much as human contact, although I am not entirely sure it outweigh’s eye contact with the parent.

See some of the features and benefits of the stroller here;

  • Suitable from birth to 2.5 years of age
  • The first media viewing stroller in the world – iSafe have the trademark associated
  • Reclines completely flat to help the baby’s spine and muscle develop and breath easily as nature has intended
  • Very light weight at 7kg so it is very easy to carry around with you
  • Able to fold down to a small enough size to fit into a suitcase or the boot of a car
  • Highly padded, large seating area to keep your child comfortable during your travels
  • Shopping basket which has a good amount of space for your shopping and the baby kit
  • Multi position recline and a 90 degree sit up for when the baby is older and wants to sit
  • Very good build quality
  • 5 point fully padded harness


A good quality stroller which some good features as well as the ability to lie flat. The Visual 3 is light, folds down to a good small size and has a decent recline option.

As said above, an interesting concept to have the media viewing ability. There are movies and shows which are designed to help new born babies develop certain skills and also keep them engaged.

Do you think it is a good idea for the baby to be engaged in certain videos or would it be more beneficial to bond with the baby yourself and have more real-life social skills as well as having eye contact?

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