Best Pushchairs From Birth In 2015 – 2016

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Mosaic Bumper bar, Soft grip handles, Lightweight, 5 Point recline Mid-Range Lowest Price Here!

Ocean Padded seat, Privacy hood, Easy fold down Affordable Lowest Price Here!

Best Pushchairs From Birth For Your Baby – Top 3

The best pushchairs from birth allow your baby to lie flat. As opposed to a standard pushchair which has almost an upright seat so your child will be sat upright as opposed to lying down flat. If the buggy or pushchair is not able to lie flat then you should be able to get a carry cot that converts into the buggy seat.

Lying flat is a very important factor when it comes to your baby’s development, particularly in newborns. When lying flat they can breathe a lot more easily and naturally, in a seated position, this can cause a little strain on the baby’s lungs. Lying flat also aids in spinal development promoting spine growth as well as helping the baby’s body strengthen growing muscles.

It is a useful point to note that some strollers and buggies are advertised as suitable from birth but, if they are unable to recline even close to a flat position; they may have to have an additional carry-cot that will attach to the stroller or pushchair so the baby can lie flat. This will increase your cost.

Some of the pushchairs reviewed in this article may not recline completely flat, but they will be able to very close to a flat position which is fine for your baby’s natural development.

If you invest in a good pushchair from the outset, you will actually save money as the baby grows. Some small pushchairs aimed only at the new born stage will be fine for the first year but then the baby will outgrow it. Soon you will have to invest in a pushchair or a stroller for a toddler. Read on to see which pushchairs will be ideal from birth all the way to 3 years old.


Baby Jogger City Mini Review – Number 1

Best Pushchairs From BirthAlso covered in The Best Strollers In 2015, The City Mini GT (lowest price here!) is truly an amazing stroller/pushchair. It is built to a very high standard and it is a stroller than once you do have the privilege of using, you will not want to buy any other. Here are some of its features;

  • Go for a jog or run with your child with ease with The City Mini GT. It is easy to handle, and because of the tyres which absorb shock, your child will have a smooth enjoyable ride minimal of shock while you work out!
  • Light in weight at just 9kg
  • Forever-Air tyres suitable for any terrain and they will never puncture. They are soft yet very durable. At a good size of 8.5″, they will not halt in place when you stop your stroller so there will be little need to wiggle your stroller back into place for the tyres to face forwards again. You get good suspension with the tyres but you get further suspension from the..
  • Front wheel suspension to take further shock away from you, and more importantly, your child
  • The parking brake which is operated by hand gives you convenience so you don’t have to mess around trying to find it with your foot – this makes it especially hard when you’re wearing flip flops
  • Adjustable handles so you can find the position most comfortable and suited to you. With an 11 point positioning system, you have more than enough choice to find the best position for you to minimise strain while pushing the stroller. The handles are made from rubber and have a good grip
  • A large comfortable, padded seat for your child which reclines to an almost fully flat horizontal position
  • Retractable cover for the rain or extreme sunshine with two peekaboo windows so you can check on your child while on the move without the need to remove or retract the cover. As well as that, your child can also see outside
  • Large hood covering the top of the stroller, but not all the way (this is what the rain cover is there for). For light rain, this hood is perfect, it will keep your child dry at the same time as not restricting the view
  • Large and spacious carry basket under the seat of the stroller to keep your things, baby essentials as well as mummy/daddy essentials
  • Converts effortlessly into a travel system for quick and easy transport when walking on foot where strollers aren’t possible or just a place to relax while out
  • Quick-Fold Technology is patented by Baby Jogger which is an ultra easy way to fold down your stroller. So easy and effortless, you could do it with just one hand


The City Mini GT is just a very good buy when it comes to high quality strollers / pushchairs. While it isn’t the most expensive, it also is not the cheapest. This type of stroller is not meant to be a budget product, it is built to a very high standard. It is light while being strong and durable, it has some great features which makes it easy to use daily. Minimal shock, maximum ease – you simply cannot go wrong with The City Mini GT. Which is why it is our number one in this post too!

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Graco Mosaic Travel System – Number 2

Graco Mosaic Travel SystemComing in at number 2 is The Mosaic from Graco. Winner of The Mother & Baby Magazine award for Best Value Pushchair for its ease of use and affordable price point. Here are some of the reasons why The Mosaic is our second best pushchair from birth this year;

  • Can be purchased as a travel system with the car seat base available as an additional extra here. A very useful add on as you can take your baby from the car to the stroller without disturbing their sleep
  • Lightweight at just 9.5kg and easy to fold down and carry
  • Extremely easy to manoeuvre around town with two front swivel wheels which are very responsive
  • Very easy to fold down with one hand, so you can fold it down with one hand whilst carrying your child
  • Good for babies from birth because of its 5 point recline positions
  • Padded seat and head rest to keep your child as comfortable as possible
  • Compact fold down size which makes it ideal for storage in the house or in a car boot
  • Bumper bar prevents your child from falling out of the pushchair
  • Option to lay your baby face-to-face with you to stay in constant eye contact


A very good number 2 stroller from Graco, The Mosaic is lightweight, easy to use and carry, has a face-to-face option as well as an additional car seat base to make it a complete travel option from the car to the travel system to the stroller. All for an affordable price point.

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Zeta Voom – Ocean – Number 3

Zeta Vooom - OceanThird in the line up is The Ocean stroller from Zeta Voom. A very high quality stroller built on a robust chassis and topped with bright colours to stand out. Here is a deeper look into The Ocean;

  • Suitable stroller from birth upto 3 years of age
  • Padded and comfortable seat for your child to kept snug with three layers of padding
  • Drop down hood with a peekaboo window so you can keep an eye on your child as you travel and to protect against the sun
  • Rain-cover, foot muff and headhugger all included within the package
  • Large shopping basket under the seat
  • Fold away mechanism leaving a small sized stroller which is easy to store in your car or in the house
  • 4 position recline to a near flat position for the new born
  • Large storage compartment built-in behind the hood
  • 5 point harness with padded shoulder strap
  • Light in weight at just 9kg


A good stroller built with the baby’s comfort in mind. For the parent, it is easy to use and push around with ease and minimal effort. Bright colours will make the stroller stand out and it comes complete with rain-cover, foot-muff and headhugger.

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