Best Strollers In 2015 – 2016

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City Mini GT From birth, Quick fold, Adjustable handle, 5 Point safety harness, Jogger High-End Lowest Price Here!

iSafe Changing bag, UK made, 5 Year warranty Mid-Range Lowest Price Here!

Supa From birth, Lightweight, Cup holder, Removable seat, Multimedia gadget + speaker Mid-Range Lowest Price Here!

The Best Strollers In 2015 – 2016

The best strollers firstly need to be easy to use so folding away and folding is pain-free and easy they also need to be light in weight.

A heavy stroller that is easy to fold away will still make life difficult because of the weight. So it is important to have both.

The other aspect you should consider is the tyres. This is the one part of the stroller that is in between the ground and your stroller. It is important to have tough yet wheels which will absorb a good amount of shock. Very hard wheels will send vibrations to the stroller then to you which will not be comfortable for you pushing the stroller or the baby riding inside of it.

You can also get strollers with good, firm tyres which also have the added benefit of shock absorbers. These will drastically reduce the amount of impact to the stroller.

A good stroller will be able to travel on all types of terrains, from footpaths and roads to grass in the park and off road dirt tracks should you decide to go on a nature walk.

It is also wise to look for strollers made by reputable brands. Good brands will be known for the quality of build.

You should also make note of the features and add-ons you get with the stroller. Will you need to purchase additional things such as a foot muff or a rain cover?

This introduction will give you a good general understanding of what we are looking for and basing our reviews on for The Best Strollers In 2015.

Here is our write up on the…

Top 3 Most Popular Strollers

Baby Jogger City Mini Review – Our Number 1

Best Pushchairs From BirthThe City Mini GT Single Stroller (lowest price here!) by Baby Jogger is suitable for babies from birth to 3 years old, The City Mini GT is a very high quality stroller with a solid frame and some very nice features and benefits both to your child as well as the parent;

  • A large comfortable padded seat for the child to sit comfortably which reclines to an almost horizontal position with a retractable sun / rain cover
  • A nice sized rain cover for when it rains to is too bright with 2 clever little plastic peekaboo window so your child can still see out and you can peek in while on the move
  • Large hood for the stroller so light rain will not be an issue for your child, its only in heavy rain or bright, direct sun shine that you will need to use the rain cover
  • Rubber grip comfortable handles – which make all the difference when handling the stroller
  • All-terrain Forever Air tyres at 8.5″ really help in getting a smooth ride for both your child and yourself, alleviating the shocks in your journey by bumps and cracks on the footpath. The Forever Air tyres do not halt in place when the stroller is stopped in place, so you don’t need to make the effort to manoeuvre them back into position. Also the Forever Air tyres will never get a puncture!
  • Front wheel suspension to give you more shock absorption allowing for a smooth and fluid ride
  • Adjustable handles allow for the ultimate comfort in pushing the stroller regardless of your height and with minimal strain. 11 handle bar positions to choose from.
  • Spacious carry basket under the seat to carry your essentials when out and about
  • Light in weight at just 9kg
  • Instantly converts to a travel system so you can move your sleeping child from the stroller to the house in the travel system without any disturbed sleep
  • Patented Quick-Fold technology allows you to easily and effortlessly fold your stroller, even with one hand if needed. Auto lock mechanism will keep the stroller folded for travel on public transport or car boots
  • Hand operated braking feature for further control
  • Multi-award winning American company
  • Great suspension system so you will barely feel bumps and cracks on the ground
  • Aptly called The Jogger so you can run along with the stroller without any discomfort to your child – its light weight, easy to manoeuvre and handle and your child will get a good ride while you get a good workout


The best stroller of the post, The City Mini GT is simply amazing as far as strollers or even joggers go. It has shock absorbing tyres, hand operated braking system, it is light, easy to fold with one hand and very comfortable seating for your child as well as you.

The higher cost in The City Mini GT is absolutely more than worth it when it comes to comfort and stability for both your child as well as you as the parent. A very good buy from an award winning company.

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The Isafe Optimum Review – Number 2

iSafe OPTIMUMA very good value stroller made by Isafe brings us to our number 2 on the best strollers of 2015. The Isafe Optimum has some very good features;

  • A large drop down hood with a pocket to insert a tablet so your child can enjoy their favourite show or learning media while travelling – this keeps their attention and further enhances their growing knowledge
  • A peekaboo window for the parent to see the child
  • Height handles to comfort the parent when pushing the child
  • Easy one handed 4-reclining positions for the comfort of the child
  • 5 Point harness with padded shoulder straps
  • All weather liner – winter and summer mode interchangeable
  • High quality suspension system so you or your child do not feel such a bumpy ride
  • Large boot cover included
  • Easy apply brake system
  • Large shopping basket


A good quality and well built stroller, The Isafe Optimum has some great features including a tablet viewing pocket, good suspension system and a generally easy to use stroller which is light in weight and easy to fold away.

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Cosatto Supa Stroller Review – Number 3

Cosatto Supa StrollerThe next best stroller in this post is The Cosatto Supa Stroller, 2015 brings us a new collection as an addition to their already varied designs.

Here are some of the reasons The Cosatto Supa Stroller is a good buy;

  • Suitable from birth as it has a an almost horizontal recliner up to 3 years of age
  • Includes a headhugger for younger babies
  • An extremely light weight chassis at only 8kg yet a sturdy and heavy duty enough frame to carry your child with confidence
  • Front swivel wheels are lockable
  • Decent suspension as the tyres are made from hard plastic so bumps and cracks in the ground will be felt
  • Comfortable handles with foam grip with a two step heigh position
  • Decent size basket to carry shopping and essentials
  • Good sized, roomy seat which is padded and comfortable including a foot muff and a head hugger
  • Inclusive plastic cup / drink
  • Integrated sound system which makes a unique addition so your child can enjoy music while travelling, not the best sound quality however


A good strong stroller, with some great features like the headhugger and footmuff. The seat is padded and comfortable, the stroller is an affordable investment for newborns upto 3 years of age. It does, however, lack in the suspension we well as ease of use. If you can justify it, I would recommend looking at The City Mini GT for a higher end product.

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