What Is The Best Pram To Buy In 2015 – 2016

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Chilly Kids Car seat included, 2 way suspension, Easy to fold, Soft carry bag, Mid-Range Lowest Price Here!

Pushmatic From birth, Chest pads, Head hugger Mid-Range Lowest Price Here!

Nitro From birth, Rain cover, Storage Mid-Range Lowest Price Here!

What Is The Best Pram To Buy In 2015 – 2016?

In this post we look at what is the best pram to buy in 2015. There are many options available online and in the shops. We have found the best prices around generally tend to be online, purely because you save on the costs the shops would charge for the overheads they pay.

Amazon UK are generally good in terms of price, and more than anything else, when buying from Amazon, you have the piece of mind in trust as well as reading the reviews other customers have left for the product.

But where to start looking? In this post, as with other posts on this site you will find all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Chilly Kids Jaguar Review – Number 1

What Is The Best Pram To BuyOur number one is a beast of a combination set. You get a pram, a pushchair and car seat all in one (lowest price here!). This is a very good package as it delivers pure value. Here are some of its features;

  • Solid steel construction makes for a very heavy duty and sturdy stroller
  • Use from your baby’s birth with the pram attachment
  • Easy to attach soft carry bag with sunroof
  • Height adjustable handle on the stroller giving you the ultimate comfort when travelling with the pushchair
  • Adjustable hood height for when your child grows into a toddler
  • 2 way suspension system allowing for a very smooth ride minimal of shock
  • When at the toddler stages, there is a multi stage adjustable back rest
  • A very high quality pram/pushchair at a good price
  • Easy to fold down
  • Easy to carry when folded for ease of transportation
  • Able to have the child facing you when just a newborn and as they get older, you can simply have them facing forwards to cater for their inquisitive nature
  • Soft carry bag included
  • Reflectors on the stroller for added visibility and safety during the evening
  • Peekaboo window on the hood
  • 5 point harness to keep your child safe and secure
  • Rain cover and mosquito net included
  • Easily accessible parking brake
  • Removable hood
  • Baby changing bags


The Jaguar is an all in one package. The stroller chassis itself is very sturdy and a high end product. The quality of everything in the package is premium and extremely good for the low price point it comes in it. It has with it a lot of accessories namely, the car seat and a carry cot. It also has soft bags and rain cover and mosquito cover included. Excellent value for money.

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Koochi Pushmatic Review – Number 2

Koochi Pushmatic StrollerThe Pushmatic is a very groovy pushchair from Koochi. It is practical, lightweight and great choice of colours available which will make you and your baby stand out from the crowd. Besides the aesthetic appeal, The Pushmatic is actually a very well built pushchair with some clever features;

  • Suitable for newborns from birth up to the age of 3
  • Stylish design that does stand out
  • Included is a fleece lined cosytoes and a comfy hood
  • Comes with a rain cover and a bag for extra storage
  • Ultra light weight pushchair thanks to its aluminium chassis
  • Folds down to a very compact size which secures using its autolock
  • Lockable front wheels are handy when it comes to keeping the stroller stationary
  • Swivel front wheels so you can easily manoeuvre the pushchair
  • Front and rear suspension will keep your child comfortable and relaxed in an otherwise bumpy ride – this also means less strain on your hands/arms
  • The rear wheels are quick release for added flexibility
  • Foot braking which is easily accessible
  • Multi point reclining back seat
  • Keep your child safe yet comfortable with the 5 point harness with a tummy pad
  • Extremely spacious shopping basket to keep your shopping and other essentials you need to carry with you


A very cool and stylish pram for your new born which looks very cool, it also comes in a variety of colours so you are sure to find one that suits you. It is made from a good quality aluminium which helps keep it light while being sturdy and keeping your child safe. A very good buy at number 2.

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Joie Nitro Review – Number 3

Joie Nitro strollerThe Nitro is a very decent cost-effective pram from British manufacturer Joie with some very good features and gives you great value for money. Here are some of the top features of The Nitro;

  • High quality fabrics on a good quality chassis help to keep your child comfortable while looking good
  • Suitable for babies from birth upto 3 years of age – although for newborn babies, I would look at stronger models which are more directly aimed at newborns like The Chilly Kids Jaguar.
  • Extremely easy to steer, even with one hand on grass as well as footpaths
  • User friendly foot brakes secure The Nitro when not in use
  • Side carry handle allows for easy carrying when not on wheels
  • Easy to fold down
  • Good sized shopping basket to keep your essentials and shopping
  • Almost fully flat and comfortable recline
  • Very comfortable Ergonomic foam handles
  • Adjustable hood which is also removable
  • Harness covers to keep your child comfortable
  • Adjustable leg support to further comfort your child


A decent, cost effective pushchair for babies above 6 months. While it says that it is suitable from birth, my opinion is that would be too early to put a child in. It is low in price and you still get a good quality stroller for your money.

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